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No Evidence Offered Against Client In Firearms, Ammunition And Possession With Intent To Supply Drugs Case

Ghislaine Sandoval, a Solicitor in our Crime Team, recently represented Mr R who was subject to a complex 11 count indictment consisting of possession of two firearms, ammunition and possession with intent to supply psychoactive substances, Class A and B drugs.

Ghislaine represented Mr R from the outset of his case at Croydon Police Station in May 2023 where he pleaded his innocence during his police station interview. He said he had simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time as he was assisting an acquaintance with a flat tyre. He denied knowledge of any firearms, ammunition or supply of drugs which had largely been found in the boot of the vehicle which he was changing the tyre on. Although Mr R was initially remanded into custody, Ghislaine fought tirelessly for him and he was later granted bail at the Crown Court despite the serious nature of the allegations.

On 14 February 2024, at Croydon Crown Court, the Prosecution offered no evidence against him and not guilty verdicts were entered.

Ghislaine commented on the outcome of the case: “I am delighted with the outcome for Mr R. It was immediately apparent that he was innocent and should not have been in prison for these matters. Securing bail for him was just the first step in the road towards victory, I am glad to finally see this innocent man walk free who has had to suffer for almost a year having such serious allegations hanging over him.”

Mr R provided feedback of his experience having Miss Sandoval represent him: “thank you very much for your help, thanks to Ghislaine, my sad story is over… This woman is amazing, I am grateful for her help, if it weren’t for her and her law firm, I could have been sentenced to 10 years innocently… I recommend her help to everyone and this law firm was born to help and defend .. thank you very much”

Ghislaine Sandoval is a Criminal Defence Solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen who has a reputation for persistence which often results in cases being discontinued against her clients. She has a particular interest in acting for vulnerable clients such as those with mental health issues, victims of modern slavery and children.

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