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USA v DB: American Extradition Warrant Discharged After Remote Plead And Sentence Hearing

DB is a British man who was wanted by the US authorities to stand trial in Ohio for charges related to drug trafficking. It was alleged that he was part of a large drug trafficking gang who sold and distributed synthetic ‘magic mushrooms’ across the US & UK, over a number of years. DB faced a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Initially remanded into custody after his proceedings, DB’s case commenced at Westminster Magistrates Court. After opposing his extradition, his defence team was able to arrange for DB enter a guilty plea from the UK and receive a sentence of “time served” for the eight months he had already spent remanded into custody in the UK. His sentence hearing also took place remotely, which means DB was not required to travel to America in order for his case to conclude.

This is possibly the first time such an arrangement was allowed to happen following a US extradition request to in the UK.

DB was represented by Francesca Cociani, Criminal Defence Solicitor and a member of Hodge Jones & Allen’s Extradition Team and Malcolm Hawkes, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers. Francesca regularly attends the Magistrates’ Courts for various hearings, including trials. She is a committed advocate for her clients.

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