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London Bus Driver Has Been Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting A Police Officer

A London Bus Driver has been found Not Guilty of assaulting a police officer. Members of the Jury at Inner London Crown Court were directed to give a Not Guilty verdict following the CPS decision to offer no evidence. On 12 December 2022 Mr Grant, a Key Worker during the pandemic, was accused of assaulting a police officer. During the incident Mr Grant’s mother, father and sister were also arrested for offences which were later discontinued. Mr Grant’s 4 year old niece was present during the entire incident and witnessed her uncle forcefully pinned to the ground by 6 police officers. She still suffers nightmares from what she witnessed. The CPS have wasted public funds on a case which began from a simple roadside stop. This again calls into question how much trust should be placed in the police force and their treatment of the BAME community.

Jessica Murray, Criminal Defence Solicitor at Hodge Jones and Allen commented: 

“From the outset we strongly fought to prevent the prosecution of Mr Grant. It is disturbing that yet again, a young black man has been dragged into the Criminal Justice System unnecessarily due to police behaviour and the prosecution being ill prepared.  We are glad that the Judge agreed with us. This case is just another example of how the relationship between the police and the public continues to be eroded.”

Counsel for the case was Meredoc McMinn, Garden Court Chambers. 

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