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Take Measures to Avoid a Bad Romance

Valentine’s Day or in the alternative the trendier Gal-entines and Pal-entines Day is upon us once again. What could possibly go wrong on one of the most romance filled days of the year? Both, those who are well matched and single have made plans to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, there is always a risk of sustaining personal injury due to someone’s negligence. Here are some examples of the things which may go wrong on this special day as well as tips to ensure safety.

1. Drinking

Champagne and wine will seem like a great idea, however if you are driving, it is very important you do not drive if you plan on having alcohol. It is easy to get carried away when you are having a wonderful time, however the last thing you want to happen is a car accident and the risk of potentially losing your licence for driving above the limit. Drinks are not the only factor. It is easy to get distracted with conversation and music which can lead to less attention being paid to the road.

2. Dinner

Restaurants will be incredibly busy on Valentine’s Day. There may be a temptation for certain establishments to cut corners in order to cope with the demands. It is important to ensure the restaurant has a hygiene and safety certificate to ensure there is no risk of food poisoning. When sat down, make sure the tableware and glasses look clean. More importantly, if you have any dietary requirements or allergies it is essential the restaurant is aware.

3. Dancing the night away

When you are having a great night out it is easy to become less aware of the hazards surrounding you. Bars and clubs are likely to be prone to spillages of drinks which may not be visible in low level lighting. You may inadvertently end up slipping on a spillage. Hazards such as these are often found near stairs where drinks can spill easily. If you come across any hazards please ensure you notify staff at the premises.

4. Flames

Candles are one of the most popular products to create the perfect romantic setting. Equally they carry a risk of fire if left unmonitored and placed in an unsafe area. If you intend to use candles, please ensure you keep a watchful eye over them.

5. Romantic getaway

Some of you may be lucky enough to be going away on the perfect romantic break. It is important to ensure that you have had any vaccinations if necessary. Sunscreen is essential for those travelling to sunnier destinations. The above factors involving dinner, drinks and driving safely also apply when away on holiday.

There are many things which can go wrong, however on most occasions things will ultimately be right. Keep the above tips in mind to ensure you have a blissful day with your loved one, gals or pals.

Happy Valentine’s Day