HJA had been instructed by a group of activists to private prosecute two arms companies for the alleged promotion for sale of illegal torture weapons at last year's DSEi arms fair.

Following a recent meeting with the CPS, it is clear that our client cannot continue their private prosecution.  Our client is extremely disappointed at this outcome. Since 19 February 2014, we have written a number of letters to CPS in order to “request that the CPS review the material that has been obtained during the course of this case with a view to prosecuting the arms companies that were promoting unlawful weapons at the DSEI arms fair in September 2013.” These letters were copied to the DPP, the Director of Revenue and Customs, Vince Cable and the Attorney General. There were a number of follow up letters to CPS/Revenue and Customs.  Despite being on notice since this time, the state authorities as a whole have failed to properly investigate or build a case in this matter. We will be considering our next step with regard to the abject failure of the state to hold companies that allegedly break the law to account.

For more information please contact Raj Chada, Partner in the Criminal Defence team at Hodge Jones & Allen by email Rchada@hja.net or telephone 020 7874 8367.