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Be Seen, Not Hurt

Posted on 3rd November 2017

Glow Day

The Child Brain Injury Trust’s ‘Be Seen, Not Hurt’ campaign runs from 30th October and finishes on 3rd November with Glow Day. People across the county, as well as millions of children, will wear their brightest colours to work or school to highlight road safety and to raise much needed funds for the Child Brain Injury Trust’s vital work.

Every 30 minutes, a child or young person will acquire a brain injury, which will have a devastating and life-long impact on not only the injured child but their family too. The Child Brain Injury Trust supports children and their families following a brain injury and helps them to come to terms with their injury.

Be Seen, Not Hurt

Sadly, hundreds of children in the UK suffer a brain injury as a result of an accident on our roads and the majority of these children were pedestrians. With the clocks going back resulting in longer darker evenings as well as poorer weather conditions, it is important to emphasise the need for road safety particularly at this time of the year.

Studies have shown that the highest number of accidents occur between 4pm and 8pm. Children finishing school or after school clubs will be walking or cycling home in the dark. It is therefore important for children to Be Seen, Not Hurt.

Simple Road Safety Rules For Children

Children from a young age should be taught simple road safety rules such as:

  • Stop, look and listen
  • Never cross the road at a corner
  • Always use a zebra crossing or designated crossing point
  • No running or rushing
  • Be Seen by wearing bright clothing in the day or high vis / fluorescent clothing and accessories in the night

Accidents Involving Children

Where there has been an accident, parents may be reluctant to bring a claim as they may automatically assume that their child was at fault, particularly where a child was hit crossing the road.

Professional legal advice should always be sought, irrespective of the accident circumstances. Each case is very different and turns on its own facts. Even if it is found that a child ran out into the road, there may be a finding of contributory negligence against the driver. In dealing with a case like this, we will question amongst other factors whether the driver slowed down, at all or sufficiently, whether the driver should have sound their horn upon seeing a child or whether they could have moved slightly over to the middle of the road allowing more room for the child on the pavement.

Road traffic accidents can be incredibly complex, especially when children are involved. To help raise awareness in order to reduce the number of accidents, wear your brightest colours to Be Seen, Not Hurt in this vital campaign.

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