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Press Releases

Response to Department of Health change of policy on fixed costs for clinical negligence claims

17th October 2016

Today’s release of the CPRC minutes from 8 July reported that there had been a change in policy at the Department of Health and that they intended to consult in respect of claims up to £25,000 which comprised approximately 60% of clinical negligence claims. The material worked up by the subcommittee on a draft Protocol…

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Lawyer who secured combat rights for soldiers hits out at government for misleading public over human rights

14th October 2016

The lawyer responsible for securing human rights protections for UK soldiers fighting in conflicts abroad has hit out at the government for misleading the public about proposals to opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in future combat. Jocelyn Cockburn, civil liberties partner at law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, says that…

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Estate planning considerations for those with no children

11th October 2016

According to a joint report from the Beth Johnson Foundation and Ageing Without Children, 1 in 5 people over 50 don’t have children and by 2030, there will be 2 million people over 65 without children. As a law firm providing estate planning advice to people of all ages, we are starting to see more…

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Jocelyn Cockburn speaks out on proposals for military to opt out of the ECHR

10th October 2016

Last week, the Prime Minister Theresa May and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced controversial plans for the military to opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) during future conflicts. Jocelyn Cockburn, civil liberties partner at Hodge Jones & Allen represented the families of soldiers killed in poorly armoured Snatch land rover vehicles…

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The CPS to pay-out a “significant amount” to man acquitted after serving six years in prison

6th October 2016

Lawyer slams CPS for knowingly and repeatedly withholding evidence Case calls into question public confidence in the criminal justice system and the legal profession, says lawyer The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has agreed to pay a “significant amount” in damages to 50-year-old Conrad Jones following his acquittal at the Court of Appeal of conspiring to…

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