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Family Law

The do’s and dont’s of divorcing gracefully

3rd January 2018

If your New Year’s resolutions read something like, 1. Go to the gym more, 2. Don’t drink during the week, 3. Contact a divorce lawyer, it could be time to consider how to separate as decently and painlessly as possible. “It is no myth,” says Jacqueline Major, partner and head of family law at London…

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The common law marriage myth and why cohabitation laws are unlikely to change

23rd November 2017

It’s the fastest-growing type of family unit in the UK but, under current law, cohabiting couples have few rights at the end of a relationship and are treated as unrelated individuals, regardless of the time they’ve spent together. Despite rumblings from the Law Commission and the private Cohabitation Rights Bill in 2014/15, family lawyer Jacqueline…

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All I want for Christmas is … no arguments over the children

21st November 2017

The noise and jollity of Christmas – and its connotations as a ‘family’ celebration – can put an unwelcome strain on divorced or separated parents when it comes to working out where the children will spend the holidays, particularly if it’s the first time families have had to face the issue. Rather than waiting for…

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As divorce rates creep up, why bother to get married at all?

19th October 2017

Every year, the Office for National Statistics releases the divorce figures for England and Wales and last year, in 2016, that number increased by nearly 6 per cent on the year before. Most of those opposite-sex couples getting divorced were men aged between 45-49 and women in their thirties. But, as the report points out,…

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