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Resident wins next step in legal case against HS2 Ltd, ahead of High Court hearing in May

HS2 Ltd is ordered by Judge to reveal detailed drawings and plans for the approach into Euston to prove safety measures are paramount

The High Court has ordered HS2 Ltd to furnish a homeowner in Camden with clearer information pertaining to the safety of its planned ‘Three Tunnels’ design into Euston station.

The Honourable Mrs Justice Lang DBE yesterday ruled that HS2 Ltd have seven days to deliver Ms Hero Granger-Taylor better details as to the structure and support systems it plans to implement to protect surrounding houses and property on the approach into Euston. Information submitted by HS2 Ltd so far has been deemed insufficient.

The disclosure involves a number of required materials, including, but not exhaustive of:

  • All measured drawings relating to the ‘Three Tunnels’ design, including plan and section drawings showing ground anchors prepared for surrounding houses and a 10m high retaining wall which stands above the planned tunnels.
  • Details on the results of a ground investigation into the 10m retaining wall, confirming the depths of the foundations and the position of the wall’s counterforts (cantilevered weights or buttresses jutting out from the base of a wall designed to stabilise it).
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment report on the ‘Three Tunnels’ design.

HS2 Ltd must also deliver, no later than 5 days before the next hearing (scheduled for 13/14 May), a witness statement “setting out the up-to-date position on whether the ‘Three Tunnels’ design will proceed”.

The ruling effectively demands confirmation within the next two weeks from HS2 Ltd as to whether the Euston approach as it is currently being built will, in fact, go ahead.

Jayesh Kunwardia, Partner at Hodge Jones & Allen, who represents Ms Granger-Taylor, said:

“If, for whatever reason, HS2 Ltd is unable to deliver the required documentation, or clarify its position on the ‘Three Tunnels’ design more than five days before the hearing on 13/14 May, it’s highly feasible that the HS2 scheme will be deemed by the court to pose a serious risk of causing great damage to properties in the area.”

Counsel for Ms Granger-Taylor is Christopher Jacobs at Landmark Chambers.

The hearing on the 13/14 May is currently scheduled to be via video link.

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