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HJA Respond To Terms Of Reference For The Lampard Inquiry Announcement

Lead solicitors HJA respond to the announcement of the final Terms of Reference for The Lampard Inquiry

Hodge Jones & Allen, representing 119 clients related to Essex Mental Health inquiry, say the announced Terms of Reference are not as comprehensive as its clients campaigned for

The Lampard Inquiry team announced yesterday the final Terms of Reference that will shape the independent statutory inquiry into ‘the circumstances surrounding the deaths of mental health inpatients under the care of NHS Trust(s) in Essex between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2023’ on its website here.

Nina Ali, Partner at Hodge Jones & Allen, said: “We are pleased that with the announcement of the Terms of Reference, the Lampard Inquiry can now move forward at last. 

“The Terms have been met with disappointment by some of our 100+ clients. They are nowhere near as comprehensive and inclusive as we advised that they needed to be. However, the Inquiry website does state that the Chair will seek to hear evidence from current and former patients. In our view once the accounts of these groups are heard, it will become very clear that their experiences must be taken on board and included. The evidence that will emerge will very much speak for itself.

“We have recommended to all of our clients that the best way forward is to now engage with the Inquiry and work towards ensuring that all the relevant evidence is presented to the Inquiry Team as soon as possible. We have waited four months for these terms to be confirmed and to not engage now would only result in further delay. This Inquiry needs to now get up and running, the families and individuals concerned have waited for too long already.”

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