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Statement from Claudia Webbe MP Following Appeal

Commenting on the outcome of today’s appeal, Claudia Webbe MP commented: “I am deeply shocked by today’s outcome. As I said in court and repeat now, I have never threatened violence nor would I.

“As the court heard today, the events of the 25th of April are deeply personal. I was, as reported in the court, facing domestic abuse at the time of the call. I was deeply frustrated that my partner and Michelle Merritt had been socialising in the middle of the covid pandemic, contrary to the rules and all health advice. I was frightened and frustrated by his behaviour. But that fear and frustration could not and should not have been interpreted as harassment. I did not make a threat to throw acid at Michelle, and this was made clear by the judge. As evidenced in court, she had lied to the police and to the court. She wanted to get rid of me from the moment she was aware of me, and far from being fearful or frightened of me was actively planning and plotting my downfall and humiliation.

“I would like to thank all those who have supported me through ordeal and continue to do so. These are the people who know me; my character, my values and my behaviour – they know I could not be guilty of this crime.

“I would ask that you respect my privacy at this time.

“I would also like to thank my lawyers Raj Chada from Hodge Jones & Allen, and Helen Law from Matrix Chambers for their continued support.”

Raj Chada, Head of our Criminal Defence team commented: “We are all shocked at this verdict. Claudia is a fine upstanding public servant who has always proclaimed her innocence. We will review the Judgment carefully.”