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Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe Statement Following Harassment Charge Sentencing

Claudia Webbe, Independent MP for Leicester East, has been given a suspended sentence of 10 weeks imprisonment, which is suspended for 2 years. She has also been sentenced to 200 hours community service, and ordered to pay £2,000 in costs, and £1,000 compensation. Ms Webbe was found guilty of harassment charges at Westminster Magistrates Court in October 2021 and is appealing the verdict.

Commenting on the outcome of the sentencing hearing, Ms Webbe said: “I am very disappointed by the decision of the magistrate and want to strongly reiterate that I am innocent.

“I am lodging an appeal and despite today’s sentence I fully expect the appeal to be granted and that ultimately it will be successful.

“Throughout this process I have received numerous threats to my life and vile racist abuse. The cowards responsible for these attacks will not deter me from clearing my name.

“I want to thank constituents, family, friends and my comrades in the Labour movement for their support and solidarity, and to my legal team for their professionalism during this process.“

Representing Ms Webbe, Raj Chada, Head of Criminal Defence at Hodge Jones & Allen said: “We have been overwhelmed by letters of support from people who Claudia has helped during her long career in public service. As well as those personal letters, we are aware of the anonymous, vile, disgusting and often racist abuse that Claudia faces on daily basis. We have lodged her appeal, and will continue to fight to clear her name.”

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