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Extinction Rebellion protestors may now have claims against the police, says lawyer

Hodge Jones & Allen have welcomed today’s High Court ruling that the Metropolitan Police’s (the Met’s) ban on Extinction Rebellion protests on 14 October 2019 was unlawful.

Raj Chada, a criminal defence solicitor representing many of the protestors said: ”The Met should immediately confirm that protestors arrested under this section 14 order will face no further action. We believe that such protestors may now have claims against the police.

“We also call on the Met to review how all of these Extinction Rebellion protests are being policed and how the CPS have dealt with potential prosecutions. It cannot be in the public interest to prosecute thousands of people for peaceful protest. The priority should be on the Government to respond to the climate crisis rather than curtailing protest.

“This has been the largest campaign of civil disobedience in 150 years in the UK. The Met have acted unlawfully in suppressing this protest and we will be considering bringing civil claims against the police for clients affected.”