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Noel Conway wins permission to appeal his assisted dying case

Noel Conway has today been granted permission to appeal the decision of the High Court that he cannot be assisted to die with dignity. Mr Conway, a Humanists UK member, suffers from motor neurone disease and will now have his case heard before the Court of Appeal.

Nancy Collins, partner at Hodge Jones & Allen, represents Humanists UK said “I am delighted permission has been granted for this important challenge. Mr Conway is challenging the illegality of assisted dying for those who are terminally ill and have six months or less to live. Humanists UK have instructed us to apply to intervene in the Court of Appeal to support Mr Conway’s case. We hope that Humanists UK’s intervention will assist in securing a change to the law to allow those who are of sound mind and terminally ill or incurably suffering can chose the timing and manner of their death”.