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Appeal Launched After Former Kent Power Station Welder Dies Of Mesothelioma

Brian Flisher died of Mesothelioma in July 2022 after working at Dungeness A and B power stations and at the Isle of Grain power station, all in Kent, between 1960 and 1980.

A witness appeal has been launched by the family of former welder Brian Flisher after his death from Mesothelioma in July 2022. Brian was employed by International Combustion Limited and Fairey Engineering Limited/Williams Fairey Engineering Limited across Kent power stations during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

The Flisher family are appealing for former Dungeness A and B and Isle of Grain power station workers to come forward to confirm asbestos materials were used at these 3 power stations and to confirm that welders, such as Brian, would have encountered asbestos dust during their work.

Brian’s family have asked Hodge Jones and Allen to aid them in this appeal as they continue to search for answers into Brian’s death.

Lorna Webster, Solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen said: “Brian’s death is yet another tragic loss to this awful disease and another example of how simply going to work to provide for his family caused his premature death. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos dust. It is believed that asbestos materials were used at Dungeness A and B power stations and at the Isle of Grain power station and there must be many former workers from these sites who can confirm that. Brian was a welder by trade and was proud of his work – unfortunately that job led to his death. We urge anyone who worked at these power stations and who can confirm the presence of asbestos materials to come forward as Brian’s family searches for answers. Nobody should be put at risk because of their job, and nobody should have their life cut short due to hard work and dedication.”

If you or a family member are able to assist, please get in touch with Lorna Webster, a Partner in the Asbestos Team, for a confidential discussion on 0207 874 8445 or email

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