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Successful Personal Injury Settlement For Kitchen Worker

Anne Sanders, partner and personal injury solicitor settles a severe burns case where a claim was made for injuries, past and future loss of earnings and pension and additionally further shoulder surgery.

Anne’s client was asked by his employers to change the oil in the fryers at the end of a shift, whilst still hot, instead of leaving the task until the start of his shift, the next day. This was a hugely dangerous job and his employers were negligent in asking him to do this. Their request resulted in our client sustaining severe burns to his abdomen, legs, shoulders and hands and a serious shoulder injury.

Following the incident, Anne’s client required long-term care and treatment and, although he is able to work again, his choice of jobs is very limited. Anne and the HJA personal injury team obtained medical evidence from an orthopaedic expert, plastic surgeon and psychiatrist supporting the fact that the client would no longer be able to work in a catering environment. Legal proceedings were issued and our client received damages of just over £200,000

Commenting on the case, Anne said: “My client suffered painful and life-changing injuries which could have been avoided. All employers owe a duty of care to each of their employees and, in this case, they were clearly negligent”

Anne Sanders is a senior solicitor within Hodge Jones & Allen’s Personal Injury team who has an incredible track record in successfully settling claims and bringing about justice for injured people.