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Settlement for pedestrian knocked down by car

Anita Rattan, Partner in the Personal Injury team has recently settled a personal injury claim for a pedestrian who suffered multiple injuries when they were hit from behind by a car.

Her client was on his way back home in the early hours of the morning when he was struck by a car whose driver had lost control. The force of the impact sent him flying into the air landing on the roof of a shed. He lost consciousness but, fortunately a passer-by was able to call the emergency services. The driver failed to stop but was traced by the police, the following day.

Speaking about the case, Anita Rattan said “My client suffered multiple injuries sustained including fractures to both ankles, broken pelvis and broken ribs as well as lacerations to the body and finger which left permanent scarring. He also suffered nightmares and flashbacks from the accident. He was naturally worried about his ability to work, the extent of his injuries and the impact of the accident on his family. This was a shocking incident particularly as the driver left the scene. I was pleased to be able gain the necessary rehabilitative care for my client and whilst it has been a long journey of recovery, he is now back to work and looking forward to getting back to full time employment. ”

Anita arranged a programme of rehabilitative care including counselling, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and a gym based exercise programme to help her client recover but, he was still absent from work for many months. Fortunately, he has now returned to work – light duties only. It is hoped, however, he will eventually return to his job as a driver.

A settlement was reached and damages awarded of £90,000.

Anita Rattan is a highly experienced personal injury solicitor with a specialist interest in accident at work claims and multiple injury cases. She has extensive experience with litigation and trials. She has a hugely successful track record in dealing with and successfully settling many different types of personal injury claims including equine cases and stress at work claims.