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Personal Injury Settlement For Young London Cyclist

Our 13-year-old client was cycling on a regular route around her home. The road was a 20 mph limit but the car driver was driving at least 10 mph over that. He knocked down our client and she lost consciousness at the scene of the accident. Passers-by who saw the accident came over to help and rang for an ambulance and also rang her parents who were only a few minutes away at their house.

By the time the parents had got to the scene of the accident the ambulance had already arrived.

The injuries sustained were a head injury, broken left collar bone, two fractures of the spine, fractured pelvis and a broken left leg. She had pins inserted into her leg and is now required to wear braces for other injuries.

The accident was reported to the police who also attended the accident.

Ken Brough, Partner and Personal Injury Solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen commented on the case and settlement: “Whether you are a cyclist or a pedestrian, being hit by a car at 30 mph will have significant consequences. Thankfully, people who saw the crash responded quickly to assist and call an ambulance. The injuries my client sustained have been complex and life-changing and so, my work involved accessing the best rehabilitative care and gaining answers to ensure the personal injury claim could be settled as swiftly as possible.”

Damages Awarded: £72,500

Ken Brough is a catastrophic and serious injuries solicitor with over 25 years’ experience of acting solely for injured people and their families.

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