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Personal injury settlement for diner at London restaurant

Louise Jukes, Partner, in Hodge Jones & Allen’s personal injury team has successful settled a claim for her client who slipped on a wooden staircase and suffered severe hand injuries, during a visit to a local restaurant.

As a result of the fall, Louise’s client severely injured her right hand and the injury required reconstructive surgery. There were no handrails on the stairs. There was, however, a glass panel on one side and when she slipped our client lacerated her hand on a sharp piece of glass. Following reconstructive surgery, further ongoing treatment and dressings were required. HJA’s client had an initial stay in hospital and after her surgery continued to receive treatment for her damaged hand.

Commenting on the settlement, Louise said: “This case shows how a person’s life can change within an instant, following a nasty accident that could have been avoided. It is so important for all businesses that have the public visiting their premises to regularly undertake assessments to identify any potential hazards. I was pleased for our client as she has been through a traumatic time dealing with the injury and reconstruction of her hand. Now, hopefully, she can return to getting on with and enjoying her life.”

Damages awarded – £100,000

Louise Jukes has over 20 years’ experience of personal injury law and a strong track record of securing successful personal injury settlements. Her main specialist area within PI law is representing individuals who have sustained serious injuries, including multiple fractures and brain and spinal injury.