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New Highway Code

Leticia Williams, Head of Personal Injury, commenting on the introduction of the new Highway Code said today: “The new hierarchy of responsibility within the Code should help to ensure greater safety on the roads for vulnerable users and recognises that road users who pose greater risks to others have a greater level of responsibility to reduce danger. The Government had failed to introduce other measures which could have improved road safety. There is no mention of e-scooters, even though an estimated one million are on the roads and the code has not made helmets compulsory for cyclists stating only that they “should” wear one. I am personally disappointed because we have seen a range of brain injuries in adults and children that have occurred because the rider was not wearing a helmet.”

A recent study by the BMJ suggests that there is a significant correlation between use of cycle helmets and reduction in adjusted mortality and morbidity associated with TBI and facial injury.

Leticia goes on to comment: “I do, however, appreciate the argument that if helmets are made compulsory this may reduce the number of people choosing to cycle and this would not be in the interest of promoting healthy exercise and mental well-being.”

Leticia Williams is a Partner and personal injury solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen with over twelve years’ experience of dealing with a range of personal injury cases, including complex road traffic accident claims.