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Legionnaires’ Disease contracted from one night stay at hotel

Karen Mann

Karen Mann, Senior Associate and Personal Injury Solicitor has settled a personal injury claim that started with a one night stop over at a hotel.

Her client had a shower before dinner and not only did the whole bathroom steam up very quickly but when he opened the window, the room was next door to the kitchen’s extractor fan creating even more of an unusual atmosphere within his hotel room.

On returning home Karen’s client fell ill, first with flu-like symptoms, a high temperature and hallucinations. Antibiotics were prescribed. After ongoing significant deterioration in his health, our client had to be treated in intensive care following the doctors eventually diagnosing legionnaires’ disease.

Commenting on the case, Karen said: “My client was in hospital for a number of weeks and during that time lost significant power in one lung and other parts of his body began to shut down. Intensive care and treatment were required which eventually led to him being able to go home. However, recovery has taken months and is still ongoing as Chronic Syndrome Fatigue continues to affect my clients day to day quality of life.”

Public Health were informed and investigations followed with the hotel. Damages awarded: £106,980

Karen went on to to comment: “One overnight stay at a hotel significantly harmed my client’s life. This could (and should) have been avoided if the hotel had followed the required health & safety checks.”

Karen Mann specialises in public and employers’ liability cases and road traffic accident claims. With over 10 years’ experience, Karen is skilled at gaining answers for her clients and compensation to help get their lives back on track.