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Suzanne Bird Successfully Challenges Two Housing Decisions in City of Westminster

Suzanne Bird, Associate in our Housing Law team has recently successfully assisted two clients facing housing difficulties in the City of Westminster. Suzanne specialises in Housing and Social Welfare Law and regularly helps clients to challenge housing decisions.

Homeless Appeal

In one recent case, Suzanne lodged a homeless appeal for her client when Westminster Council failed to respond to a review of the decision to stop assisting her client to find housing. Following legal intervention, the council settled the case and re-instated the duty to assist Suzanne’s client.

However, Westminster Council later determined that Suzanne’s client was not in priority need for accommodation. Their correspondence failed to address address any of the letters in support of the client, particularly from the mental health team who described her as at risk. When Suzanne appealed this decision, the court found that the evidence from the mental health team “opened the door” to a finding of priority need, and the conclusions from the council did not give any reasons to explain why they disagreed.

Suitable Accommodation

In the second case, Suzanne assisted a client with disabilities who had difficulty finding suitable accommodation. An appeal was settled on the basis where the council had not considered the impact of anti-social behaviour when finding suitable accommodation for her to occupy.

Our Housing Law team regularly assist clients with housing issues across London and nationwide. If you would like help challenging a local authority’s housing decision, contact our team today on 0330 822 3451 or request a call back.