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Widow Receives a Six Figure Settlement Following Her Husband’s Early Death from Mesothelioma

Mr G was exposed to asbestos dust during his employment with several employers whilst working as an Apprentice and as a qualified electrician during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

However, his heaviest exposure took place whilst Mr G worked at ICI, during which time he was working in close vicinity with laggers who were removing and applying asbestos insulation to pipes in one of their plants.

The claim was intimated to all Defendants who could be traced but proceedings were brought against ICI alone.

Mr G noted an irritating cough at the end of 2018. Pain became his main symptom, however it was not until June 2019 that investigations led to the discovery of Mesothelioma – an incurable disease caused by asbestos exposure.

Mr G underwent gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and it was hoped that he could have been helped further by securing funding for Immunotherapy treatment not available on the NHS. However, the Defendant’s insurers did not offer to settle the claim and sadly Mr G passed away before the first hearing in the claim – and just one year following receipt of his diagnosis. The medical expert instructed advised that Mr G’s condition had reduced his life expectancy by some 8.6 years.

Following Mr G’s death, Hodge Jones & Allen represented his Widow at the Inquest, which resulted in an Industrial Disease verdict being established.

Following the parties exchanging offers, a six figure settlement sum was secured for Mr G’s widow.

This case illustrated the importance of experience in asbestos claims – in identifying the most viable Defendant to pursue. Isobel Lovett, Head of Department and Specialist Asbestos Solicitor noted that:

“We fought hard to get justice for Mr G and we hope it would have given him some comfort to know his wife has now won this compensation thanks to him. There is support out there for people dealing with the ongoing consequences of asbestos exposure. We do everything in our power to ensure the lives and suffering of people like Mr G do not get ignored or forgotten, especially if they are seeking justice against big corporations.”