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Jayesh Kunwardia
Jayesh Kunwardia

Hodge Jones & Allen is a leading environmental law firm. We regularly represent individuals, residents’ groups, wildlife groups and campaign groups in environmental law cases.

We’re committed to safeguarding the environment and to providing excellent and affordable advice to all those seeking to do so.

We have extensive experience in using UK, European and international law to protect the environment and this may include challenging environmental decisions by government, local authorities and other public bodies.

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What is environmental law?

Environmental law covers a lot of areas including planning law.  But it also includes matters such as:

  • advice on wildlife and habitats law
  • prevention and remedying of environmental damage to habitats or wildlife under the Environmental Liability Directive
  • advice on remedies for noise, air pollution and environmental nuisance (eg problems caused by local industry works adjacent to residential areas) including bringing of private or statutory nuisance proceedings and negotiating settlements by way of mediation
  • advice on public participation in environmental decision making, including help with formal consultations
  • uncovering environmental information held by public authorities
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Environmental law case studies

Our environmental law work has included:

  • Advising a Seahorse charity about oil drilling in Studland Bay.
  • Advising a campaign group on a successful protest against works carried out to woodland and natural habitats during the nesting season.
  • Advising a resident concerned about dredging in specially protected estuary and acting through making environmental information requests and enforcing.
  • Advising residents who found themselves under new flight paths and disturbed by the noise, taking steps against the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Department for Transport.
  • Advising residents bringing a private noise nuisance action against a large wind turbine that has been sited too close to their property.
  • Advising clients on challenging the extraction of oil and gas from a site in the Home Counties.
  • Negotiating a settlement on behalf of the owner of a flat that was above a fast food restaurant following odour complaints due to a faulty abstraction fan
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Environmental solicitors for law firms

As experts in this field, we’re regularly instructed by other solicitors who require expert assistance on environmental law. We can offer high quality collaborative advice to professional clients and/or their lay clients at reasonable rates.

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Environmental solicitors for local authorities

Local authorities regularly instruct our lawyers to assist them by providing specialist environmental law advice. This includes advising on airports, railways and large infrastructure projects.

We’re well known for our advice to local authorities in relation to challenging large infrastructure projects such as Heathrow Airport and HS2. We have considerable experience in advising on environmental impact assessment issues, noise nuisance and air quality.

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