Labour Under Keir Starmer: Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Posted on 30th April 2020

Sir Keir Starmer’s appointment marks the return of an effective opposition, says Patrick Allen

The New Law Journal this week publishes a profile by Patrick Allen of Sir Keir Starmer QC who was recently appointed leader of the Labour Party.

Patrick writes:

“The legal profession should be especially pleased that Keir Starmer will now occupy one of the most influential roles in politics. Starmer is someone with an intimate knowledge of the legal system and the courts and has every chance of becoming Prime Minister…

Starmer’s team building and management skills will be tested with his appointment and leadership of the shadow cabinet. He has acknowledged the importance of unifying the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Already we see the benefit of the new legal appointments with ex Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer as shadow attorney general and David Lammy as shadow justice secretary. Both will bring vital legal experience and political skill to their roles and we can expect them to develop justice policy for a post-coronavirus era. There is even a shadow minister just for legal aid, Karl Turner. Surely a good sign…

If and when Labour gets back to power, we can expect a Starmer-led government to reverse the disgraceful 25% cuts in the justice budget imposed over the last ten years in the misguided cause of austerity…

It would be a huge advantage to have a Prime Minister who understands the importance of a fully functioning justice system and the positive role human rights legislation has played in recent years. The legal profession should be hoping that Keir Starmer gets to number 10 soon.”

The full profile can be read here

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