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Nothing Lasts Forever Even Cold November Rain

The captivating rock ballad November Rain penned by the legendary and talented musician Axl Rose, of the famous band Guns and Roses has often sprang to mind this November.

We regularly advise clients following the sudden death of a loved one where a family member has died without a Will, or with a Will which is out of date. Intestacy and out of date Wills often fail to take into account what a deceased’s latest circumstances were.

As the song November Rain reminds us “We both know hearts can change “ by keeping your Will and estate planning under review every 3-5 year’s this ensures your latest wishes are followed on death.

By taking the time to prepare even a simple Will you can ensure that on death there is a smooth distribution of your accumulated wealth to your chosen loved ones to provide for them and protect your children.

A Will allows you to choose the right people as Executors to administer your estate, preserving wealth for future generations. This is particularly important for cohabiting couples who want to provide for each other, as they would not be provided for on intestacy.

If you are footloose and fancy free, without dependents you can ensure your Will provides for those who would not benefit if you died intestate (without a Will).

Individuals such as a beloved friend or Niece or Nephew can be provided for. As seen with the estate of the great Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld who channelled intellectual sexiness into the great fashion house Chanel and his own fashion brand. Karl made provision in his Will for his beloved cat Choupette, which catapulted her into the ranks of one of the richest cats in Paris.
Therefore in the lyrics of the song November Rain “If you want to love me, darling don’t refrain” putting your Will in place is time well spent and can be vital for your loved ones. Not refraining from making your Will can help to make November a little less cold for those left behind should the worst happen and on your death your loved ones have to deal with your loss.

Making a Will with us is a pleasant experience from being greeted on your arrival by our warm friendly receptionists at our NW1 modern office to discussing your estate with our friendly professional solicitors in our comfortable artist themed meeting rooms. Our Solicitors will fully advise you in confidence on the best Will for your circumstances.

Please contact our professional friendly team of solicitors for assistance with Wills, Probate, Lasting Power of Attorney and Court of Protection enquiries. To speak to one of our experts please call 0330 822 3451 or request a call back online.