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Love and Making Wills

People are often under the impression that the field of Wills & Probate is rather sombre and devoid of love. However in reality that is rarely the case. Clients are predominately drawn to making a Will out of love to ensure their loved ones are provided for if the worst should happen.

Deciding to make a Will and think about what you would like to happen to assets you have accumulated during your life focuses one’s thoughts and feelings as to who and what is most important to you. This can be a highly beneficial personal exercise hence why we often see people wishing to put their Will in place at the start of the new year, in contemplation of marriage or civil partnership or after the birth of a new child. As described by the highly acclaimed thirteenth century Persian poet Rumi “love is a cloud that scatters pearls”. Providing for your loved ones by putting your Will in place and ensuring a smooth distribution of assets to them scatters love into that partnership or to the next generation long after we are gone.

One feels a sense of achievement and relief once they know they have put their affairs in good order by making a Will that reflects their wishes for their estate and Lasting Powers of Attorney documents to assist them in their lifetime affairs should they lose capacity through accident or illness.

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