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RoadPeace – National Road Victim Month

August is National Road Victim Month. I understand that RoadPeace, a national charity, chose August as the dedicated month for road victims following the death of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997. To date over 500,000 people have been killed on the roads in Great Britain since the death of Bridget Driscoll in 1896 who also lost her life in a road death in the month of August.

The month is also significant as statistically it is August that usually sees more fatalities on UK roads than any other month. Sadly, a number of major incidents on our roads have been reported already.

On the roads during the summer holidays

During the school summer holidays, I have seen many more children and families out and about meeting their friends and with that comes an increase in pedestrians and cyclists using the roads. This year more than ever we are seeing an increase of traffic due to the majority of people choosing ‘staycations’ rather than going abroad as a result of Covid19.

Additionally, now that lockdown restrictions have eased many individuals are trying to avoid using public transport and are instead turning to cycling or walking as a way of travelling. This will also contribute to an increase in venerable road users also.


National Road Victim Month marks a month of remembrance for victims of road crashes, while raising awareness of the importance of road safety. Sadly, 5 people are killed and 60 people are seriously injured on Britain’s roads every day. This year, RoadPeace and its members are using its month-long campaign to raise awareness on the injustice that crash victims face and the inappropriate language often used as well as remembering loved ones killed on the roads.

As part of their campaign, RoadPeace are encouraging others on social media to call out the word ‘accident’ The word “accident” trivialises the devastation caused by crashes, insults victims, and promotes inertia. RoadPeace are encouraging others to highlight this by using the hashtag #crashnotaccident whenever the word “accident” is used in media or by authorities.

Now more than ever motorists need to take extra care when using the roads to continue to work towards ensuring no more lives are recklessly taken away.

My colleagues and I, in the personal injury team remember all of those who have sadly been killed or injured on our roads and fully support active ongoing awareness raising for improved road safety.

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