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Road Safety Week: Road Safety Heroes 15-21 November 2021

Road Safety Week is the biggest road safety event in the UK. It encourages thousands of schools, organisations and wider communities across the UK to take action on road safety. It also promotes important, eye-opening messages to help keep each other safe on the roads.

Road Safety Week is organised every year by Brake, the road safety charity who provide incredible support to families who have been devastatingly affected by road traffic incidents.

Every year, there is a new theme for Road Safety Week. This year, the theme for Road Safety Week is Road Safety Heroes. This is a valuable opportunity for us all to recognise and celebrate all of the remarkable work that road safety heroes do to keep the roads safer for us all.

It also provides an opportunity for us to consider various ways in which we can be involved and contribute to the amazing work that road safety heroes do, to ensure that road journeys are made less dangerous for ourselves and each other.

How Hodge Jones & Allen Support Brake Charity

Our firm are avid sponsors of Brake Charity and all of the amazing work that they do to keep us all safe on the roads.

As a firm, we have helped raise money for Brake Charity by doing lots of fun activities including quizzes, bake sales, sponsored walks and raffles.

We are very proud to support such a fantastic charity who do so much to support our communities.

Types of Road Safety Heroes

Road Safety Heroes help protect all of our communities in so many different ways, from helping to make road journeys healthier and safer to taking care of victims and their families after a crash.

Here is just a handful of the many Road Safety Heroes that we are celebrating on Road Safety Week:

  • Road Safety Professionals
  • Emergency Services
  • Medical Services
  • Schools
  • Charities
  • Campaigners

Top Tips You Can Practice to Make Roads Safer for Everyone

You can also play your part in being a Road Safety Hero and help raise awareness of road safety issues.

Here are some useful top tips that you can practice daily to help take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others on the roads:

  1. Spreading Awareness to Young People: More than six children are killed or seriously injured on roads every day in the UK. Road Safety Week is a valuable opportunity to help teach your children about the dangers of the roads and to help them get involved with projects and activities at school to spread awareness.
  2. Plan Your Journeys in Advance: Life is always very busy for everyone and we can all be very distracted when we are in a rush to get from A to B. However, speeding is not worth it and can cause devastating consequences for everyone involved. Make sure you allow yourself more time to travel to work or do the school run or go to a social event. It can make all the difference.
  3. Fundraising: Help support Brake Charity’s work by doing something fun and creative with your loved ones to help fundraise for a great cause. You could do a Bake Sale for your school friends or employees; do a sponsored activity of your choice that you enjoy; or even do a fun charity quiz.
  4. Assess Your Own Actions and Each Other’s Actions on the Roads: It is very important to practice making sure that you are safe on the roads and that others in your care are also safe. Make sure you guard against any distractions whilst driving; ensure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing their seatbelt; and if you are a passenger in somebody’s vehicle, let someone know if they are driving too fast if you are feeling scared or uncomfortable.
  5. Keeping up with the News and Blogs: When you have a moment, spare half an hour to read an article or a blog on road safety awareness to be more informed and up to date on current road safety issues in the UK.

Even the smallest act of kindness will do the world of difference for promoting safety on our roads in the UK.

So on this Road Safety Week and going forward, make it your mission to be a Road Safety Hero!

Hodge Jones & Allen are proud supporters of Brake.