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Life after amputation

# LimbPower

# Billy Monger, the 17 year old Formula 4 racing driver who has had both his lower legs amputated following the horrific crash at Donnington Park, is already trying to work out how he can get behind the wheel says his Manager.

Billy will embark on a new journey which will have many twists, turns and turbulent times ahead but his Manager is “100% sure” Billy will be able to overcome his ordeal.

Like double Indy Car champion, Alex Zanardi, who lost both his legs in a crash and has since raced in the European World Tour Car Championships and GTS using specifically adapted steering wheels, Billy will keep fighting.

Billy will no doubt be comforted by the support from double amputee and marathon runner Duncan Slater who says “amputation is not the end of anything….it is the beginning of a new future.”

Racing stars # Lewis Hamilton, # Jenson Button and # Max Verstappen are all rooting for Billy.

Like us all I am sure Billy will be awestruck by the inspirational people who despite the loss of their limbs have been intent on living life to the maximum, partaking in all forms of sport, including the hundreds and thousands who fulfilled dreams completing the marathon this year.

The very latest in prosthetics # Don’t DISmyABILITY

There is an amazing technological revolution happening in prosthetics helping to restore mobility to people of all ages and from every background. More than ever before, technology has given us the ability to change the world of an amputee.

Technology provides tools for amputees to reach their potential, stay active and achieve their goals. Never again will the loss of a limb hold back an amputee from fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Technology has allowed amputees to lead independent lives, promoting positive perceptions about disability and building an environment that encourages inclusion at work, school, at home, in the community and in social activities.

See the ability, not the disability is what every amputee strives to achieve and the “I can I am” attitude is what inspires me as personal injury solicitor to do the work that I do helping those who have lost limbs through no fault of their own.

A Visible difference for amputees

The visibility of people with limb absence and people who wear prosthesis has increased significantly over the past 10 years. This shift has coincided with the introduction of advanced prosthetic hands, legs and other sophisticated components that can look like something out of a science fiction movie or lifelike depending on your preference.

On a national level, extensive media stories of injured service personnel returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have helped increase awareness of limb loss and prosthesis use.

More recently the story of Vicky Balch, the # Alton Towers “Smiler” ride accident amputee featuring in a “racy lingerie photo shoot” has served to increase the profile of what amputees can achieve. There is now more of a normalising awareness of limb loss and this can only be a positive step so # Don’t DISmyAbility” becomes a reality.

UK Limb Loss Awareness Month

April 2017 has been the UKs first National Limb loss Awareness Month, a month dedicated to increasing awareness of limb loss and limb difference as well as supporting members of the limb loss community to regain their independence.

As part of this Limb Loss Awareness Month, the # Get Moving campaign is intended to raise awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of engaging in physical activity whether that involves sport or simply moving around in the office, at home or at school.

LimbPower, Limbless Association, Reach, Dorset Orthopaedics, Opcare, Pace Rehab, to name a few have all pledged their support to improve quality of life and to aid lifelong rehabilitation for the amputee community.

We at Hodge Jones & Allen work closely with individuals affected by the loss or significant impairment of a limb whether due to a road traffic accident, accident at work, accidental fall, illness, injury or medical negligence.

I work with a team who are passionate about fighting for the injured individual who through no fault of their own have lost limbs. I never lose sight of the purpose of the personal Injury claims process which is to put my clients back into the same position as he or she would have been in had the accident not occurred, insofar as money can achieve that objective.

My practice is to adopt a multi-disciplinary team approach with rehabilitation being at the heart. I encourage and persuade the defendants to engage the Rehabilitation Code and where that is not possible to provide early interim payments to fund the cost of treatment, therapies, care, accommodation, adaptations, aids and importantly to allow clients to trial various prosthesis.

My clients are urged to trial the latest technology available that can help to enhance their quality of life so they can live and work in whatever sectors they choose. Never have there been more options available to those who have lost limbs. The technological revolution has given my clients a second chance to life and that is priceless.

Comments like “the compensation has allowed me to obtain the best prosthesis and given me the opportunity of turning the impossible to possible” and “the future is looking much brighter. You have given me hope. I am truly grateful for all your efforts. When life seemed worthless you were there supporting me and being my rock” are the reason why I strive to achieve the best possible results for my clients who in their own way are my inspiration.