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Karting Personal Injury Claims

The 2023 Formula 1 season is coming to a close.

The sport is experiencing a renaissance following the growing popularity of the Netflix show Drive to Survive.

The F1 Arcade continues to expand and there is a growing interest in racing, where people want to channel their inner Max Verstappen or aspire to be the next Lewis Hamilton.

Many people from young kids to adults want to participate in karting.

There is a rise in participation in karting around the country.

Sadly, the activity is not without risk.

The owner of a karting track is responsible for the health and safety for their visitors and participants. Whilst many go karting tracks are reasonably safe, sometimes mistakes can happen that lead to health and safety risks.

The following risks may arise when racing at a karting track:-

  • Structural defects in the racetrack such as potholes, raised drain covers (like the recent Las Vegas Grand Prix) or unsafe safety barriers
  • Defective race karts may lead to driving failures during racing that can lead to accidents. This can also include defective seat belts or helmets.
  • Management and supervision of a go karting race where karts are allowed to continue racing during following other racer collisions, poor weather, oil leaks or debris on the track

The injuries that can result from a go karting accident can vary from minor to serious injuries such as head injuries, whiplash injuries to the neck, shoulders and back and orthopaedic fractures, scarring as well as psychological injuries.

If you are unfortunately involved in a go karting incident it is important that the incident is reported to the company immediately and medical attention is sought to ensure any injuries are treated. It may be helpful to obtain details of any witnesses and take any photographs of any defects or hazards and ask the company to save any CCTV footage. This will be valuable evidence if a legal claim is ultimately pursued.

If you have been involved in a karting accident, you should seek legal advice promptly to ensure evidence can be secured to support your legal case. Please call 0330 822 3451 to speak to one of our personal injury experts.

For now, its lights out and away we go.

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