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It’s Glo, Glo, Glo Time Again!

Having recently attended a fund raising event for the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) I never cease to be amazed to hear the stories of people that CBIT have assisted and the huge difference the charity makes to the lives of those injured by brain injuries (and their families).

It is devastating when a child suffers from a brain injury. CBIT provides valuable emotional and practical support together with helpful information surrounding the injuries. In addition it assists with rehabilitation. Its website states:

“ We will work alongside the very best companies in the UK who have proven that they can support children on their journey and to get the best results for a child’s future.”

From the 25th – 31st October this year CBIT hosts its annual ‘GloWeek’. During GloWeek 2021 we are encouraged to dress in bright bond clothing – the brighter the better!

This is to highlight that children need to wear bright clothing or have items/ backpacks that show up in the dark to make them more visible to road users and to hopefully prevent injuries from occurring.

The team here at Hodge Jones & Allen will be taking part and will be posting photographs of us looking bright (and beautiful?) to help raise awareness of being seen, not hurt when the weather closes and it gets darker during the shorter winter months.

The charity has also produced some road safety talks aimed at children and focusing on how to protect their brain. There are 2 talks, one aimed at the under 5s and the other is aimed at children 11+. These include a quiz with some amazing facts about the brain and some top tips about how to protect the brain.

To support the CBIT’s campaign visit

CBIT - Glow Week 2021