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Happy Mother’s Day: Mother Knows Best

Mother’s Day took place this month on 27 March 2022. This is an annual day dedicated to us all coming together to celebrate Mothers for all that they do for us; for remembering Mothers who are no longer with us; for celebrating Fathers who play the role of both a Mother and a Father in a family unit; and for honouring motherly figures who always look out for us.

Here at Hodge Jones and Allen, we are all continuously inspired by our colleagues who balance their busy lives of being a lawyer with also being a full time Mum. In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, we are also coming together to celebrate them.

The last two years amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic were especially challenging times for Mums with young children. A lot of (superhuman!) Mums were trying to balance working from home with home schooling their children when schools were shut down. Mums already do so much day to day, and this was entirely unfamiliar territory for them. This shows that Mums can truly do anything.

A Mother’s ‘Tool Box’ for Keeping Children Safe from Injury

Tool Box

Our Mums have always taught us the rights and wrongs and the do’s and don’ts in order to keep us safe – whether it be at school, with our friends, on the roads, when playing a sport, or doing an activity. Even in our adult years, it is always important to carry this mini tool kit with us to prevent an accident or an injury from occurring.

In celebration of one of the most special days of the year and to commemorate all of the things our Mum’s have done for us since we were young, here are some top tips and tricks for Mum’s everywhere to help keep their babies, toddlers and children safe. After all, Mother knows best!

Tool 1: Top Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe on the Roads

  • Be sure to tell your children not to wear their headphones when crossing the road – they may not be able to hear if there is an incoming car or a cyclist
  • Buckle up! Make sure your child is always wearing a seatbelt. Seat belts save thousands of lives of people every year
  • Using a child safety seat for younger children can reduce their risk of injury in an accident on the road. Be sure to secure the seat properly to the back seat of the car before you start driving
  • Make sure you guard against any distractions i.e. using your mobile phone; taking your eyes off the road and turning around to talk to your child; eating whilst driving; drinking whilst driving; and listening to music when driving your children anywhere. The smallest act can prevent serious injury to both you and your child

Tool 2: Top Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe in your Home

  • Try and keep your home clear of tripping hazards, such as electrical cords, chargers, and toys on the floor so that your child does not trip and be at risk of injuring themselves. Children are just as likely to be injured in a tripping hazard as older adults
  • Keep small objects around the house safely out of reach of young children, just in case they are a choking hazard
  • To prevent your children from suffering horrible burns, keep your children away from hot surfaces and keep a close eye on your child when they are near objects that can burn such as hot drinks, ovens or heaters
  • When you have young babies and toddlers running around, keep your windows locked to stop them from climbing out of the window and falling
  • Now that summer is approaching, your children may be playing in the back garden more often. Lock away garden tools such as saws, drills and other sharp tools so that they are out of reach of children

Tool 3: Top Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe When Playing Sports

  • Ensure that your child wears the appropriate protective gear such as shin guards, shoulder pads, helmets and mouth guards if they are playing football, rugby or any contact sport
  • When swimming, ensure that your child doesn’t run around the swimming pool in case there is a slipping hazard such as water on the outskirts of the pool. Otherwise, they will be at risk of falling in the pool and bumping their head
  • Always ensure that your child wears a helmet when they are riding their bike, whether it be on the roads, on the street, or on the driveway
  • Make sure that your children’s safety gear fits them well and is securely fastened on. If your children where a loose helmet that doesn’t fit them, it is potentially just as dangerous as not wearing a helmet at all
  •  If your children are playing a sport outside at home, ensure they play sports such as basketball or football on safe surfaces and not on concrete full of potholes which may cause them to trip and hurt themselves

Whether you were celebrating Mother’s Day with your Mum this year or spending time remembering a loved one, we hope that you were all keeping safe.