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Beauty and the Beast at Christmas

Everyone loves a good Christmas and New Year party. A big part of the build up to these events is going shopping for outfits and getting ready for a big night out. Many salons and hairdressers will be offering tempting deals to attract business.

Nevertheless, it is important to be cautious of some certain businesses who charge low prices or cut corners for treatments that are of inferior quality. Sometimes an exclusive offer is too good to be true.

Beauty treatments performed by untrained or unqualified staff can lead to unfortunate consequences.

Accidents at the beauticians are distressing when a treatment is performed in advance and in anticipation of a special occasion. It is vital to make enquiries and pick a reputable company or you may be jeopardising not only your enjoyment of social events and self-confidence, but also your physical and psychological health.

A few beauty treatments do have an element of risk, so any salon you make an appointment with should inform you about any potential side effects such as allergic reactions, burns and scarring.

You may be surprised to find out that there are no regulations about who can perform most treatments. Harmful injuries can arise from a number of treatments and procedures if they are not carried out safely by competent, trained and qualified staff.

The following are examples of potential treatments which may result in unpleasant consequences:-

  1. Hair colouring – It is often tempting to try a new hair colour for the party season or a new look for the New Year. Patch tests should be carried out to ascertain whether there is any sensitivity or adverse reaction before proceeding with hair dying.
  2. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting – Similar to hair colouring, eyebrow and eyelash tinting procedures are increasing in popularity. Potential side effects for treatments not carried out correctly can include swelling, bruising, infection and black eyes!
  3. Hair removal treatments such as laser treatment, electrolysis and waxing – While sometimes only short-term side effects arise, if not carried out properly, the aftermath can be very painful and in some cases, radically change your appearance by causing scarring.
  4. Manicures and pedicures – Some beauty salons use unsafe equipment such as chemicals or tools that can cause serious damage your hands or feet by causing burns, infections and allergic reactions.

Tips to ensure your Christmas is beautiful

Research is key. Google and twitter could be your best friend here. Read reviews and ensure the salon you intend to visit is reputable and does not have a history of treatments going wrong. I would be wary of salons who do not have an online profile or where reviews about their services are not available.

Always ensure the salon you visit is operating with public liability insurance cover. Often there are many salons who do not have insurance which can prevent an injured person from making a successful claim against a negligent salon.

At the salon, always be mindful of the products being applied and ensure you ask any questions if you are unsure about the procedures involved with certain treatments.

By following the guidance above, you will hopefully be on your way to having a fun filled and glamourous party season. Happy holidays!!!