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Action for Brain injury Week (20th May to 26th May 2024)

At Hodge Jones and Allen we have experienced Solicitors representing clients who have suffered a brain injury following an accident that was not their fault. We represent both adults and children. Unfortunately the effects of a brain injury on the injured party will have an impact on family members and those who care and support the injured party.

There are many great charities that provide support to those affected.

This year Headway the Brain Injury Association have a campaign focusing on ‘A life re-written’.

Brain injuries will affect anyone at any time. You may be planning to go to work or meeting friends and you are involved in a road traffic accident which throws your plans into disarray.

Headway wishes to focus on the identity of an individual after a brain injury to show how rehabilitation can help post traumatic growth and allow the individual to successfully re build their lives.

The campaign will look at the before and after affects of a brain injury and those sliding doors moments to show how a brain injury can affect anyone at any time.

Headway wish to illustrate the effects of individuals who have suffered a brain injury and highlight examples.

I have represented a minor who was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident whilst only 2 years of age. My client was in a push chair when a car mounted a pavement and struck him. As a result of the accident my client suffered a head injury and what was described at the time as a mild traumatic brain injury.

The incident had a profound effect on my client but also his family who cared for my client and noticed changes in him from even such a young age. As my client began preschool, it was identified that he had speech issues and difficulty concentrating in comparison to his school peers. My client was able to engage in rehabilitation from an early stage which included assessment from a paediatric neurologist and speech therapist and a course of private speech therapy commenced in conjunction with working with the school as my client progressed through the year groups at school.

Subtle changes were noticed by my clients parents which included from a young age difficulties sleeping, communication issues and forming relationships with other family members and friends. My client whilst so young when it happened had his life changed very quickly and this had an immediate impact on his family also who engaged in family counselling to help them as a family to understand how to help their son to live the best possible life and thrive in daily activities.

My client was fortunate also to have the support of the Child Brain Injury Trust who are a charity that assist children and their families who have suffered a brain injury.

A brain injury can affect anyone of any age and at any time, often when it is least expected. Headway is a UK wide charity that works to improve life after a brain injury to provide vital support and information.

If you or family member has suffered a brain injury due to someone’s else negligence, call 0330 822 3451 now to speak to one of our personal injury expert lawyers or request a call back online.

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