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House of Cards

With a demand for lower rent and affordable housing, it has become apparent that sacrifices by Housing Associations have been made in the maintenance of current property standards. It appears that they are reacting to the hand that they have been dealt as a result of government policy. As ever tenants will be left in difficulties.

A survey by Inside Housing for the year 2015/2016, highlighted that major cuts have been made in expenditure for the maintenance and repair of Housing Association properties.

Following the government-enforced rent reduction creating a 1% rent reduction every year for the next 4 years, it is evident that Housing Associations have cut funding on repairs in order to meet the costs of this reduction.

In consideration of the survey compiled from the financial statements of approximately 100 Housing Associations, there has been a decrease in overall expenditure with some associations cutting 51% of their costs spent on major works.

This is an alarming concern due to the current amount of properties occupied that are in a state of disrepair involving damp, mould, heating, electric, drainage and various other structural problems.

It has been announced that there will be further planned action to decrease day-to-day funding on repairs. But it is asked whether these properties will remain standing through this neglect, inevitably leading to legal action with potential claims for compensation and repair works.

With further scrutiny of financial statements planned for the year 2016/2017, only time will tell whether Government policy and Housing Association reaction will cause the future of social housing to collapse. However it is fair to anticipate Housing Association tenants will suffer from abhorrent conditions in their properties.

We are dedicated to dealing with disrepair claims to fight this trend by bringing action against local authorities and landlords. We encourage tenants to contact us or view the disrepair section of our website for further information about whether they are able to make a claim.