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Volunteering with The Children’s Trust – supercars and me!

Becoming a volunteer for The Children’s Trust was a very easy decision as, through my work in Personal Injury law, I have seen the impact and long lasting effects of brain injury. The Trust is special as it provides care for children of all ages with brain injury and neuro-disability.

Their Supercar Event is their biggest annual fundraiser for children with brain injury and, that is no surprise, as they bring together so many amazing cars for visitors to ride in and see close-up. In fact, some of the world’s finest supercars including Ferrari, Maserati and Caterham. There were also plenty of other rides and attractions to keep visitors of all ages very happy, from mini monster trucks to face painting.

I headed for Goodwood motor circuit for 7.15 a.m. on a sunny morning in July and my first job was to attend the volunteer team briefing where we were given an overview of the amazing cars available on the day. We also received a thorough Health & Safety briefing for both on and off the track and all the requirements for car rides.

I was part of the team looking after the drivers. We were a relatively small team, including someone working for a car manufacturer and an events manager. We kept the driver area secure, answered queries, and overall assisted them. It was great to be so close to so many beautiful cars.

Drivers gave their time to make the day, a memorable one, for so many children. Speaking with one of the drivers he told me how glad he was to be able to share the experience of driving and sitting in the cars with so many people, especially children.

Children, families and the work of the Children’s Trust were undoubtedly were the focus of the day and, most importantly, having fun!

More about the Children’s Trust

The Children’s Trust was formed in 1984 and is one of the leading charities for children with brain injury and neuro-disability. They deliver rehabilitation, education and community services through skilled teams who work with children and young people, and their families.
The Trust provides access to intensive rehabilitation at their national specialist centre as well as support in communities across the UK. They have also created an online Brain Injury Hub which is a resource for families and anyone who would like to know more about acquired brain injury in children.

You can read more about the impact of their work here.

Children and Brain injury claims

Working with the Personal Injury team colleagues on a child brain injury claim is always a huge privilege for me. When a child suffers a head or brain injury it is often difficult for the paediatricians to be clear about the effect of the injury and whether the child will fully recover. Our team specialises in getting early rehabilitation for our clients with brain injury to ensure they receive the best quality of life possible. Early rehabilitation may involve physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and even gym sessions. It is important to note that every injury is different as every individual is different so our treatment and recommendations are tailored to each client and their symptoms.

If you have suffered a life changing injury such as a brain injury as a result of an accident and you are pursuing a personal injury claim speak to a specialist solicitor, please call our highly experienced Personal Injury team today on 0330 822 3451 to talk through your situation with us. Alternatively, you can request a call back online.

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