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Top tips for travelling abroad and staying safe

We are currently living in an uncertain world where travel to another country may seem like the perfect answer to escape and relax, however whilst pursuing your dreamed escape you may encounter some unforeseen risks. This can range from a risk of slipping or tripping, serious injuries during sporting activities, food poisoning infections and car accidents.

It is important to remain aware and cautious whilst on holiday to ensure you have the best time possible.

Health & Safety measures in other countries

Health and Safety measures can be startlingly different amongst countries. We may have become accustomed to expecting the same standards of Health and Safety where we live. It is therefore very important to make sure you carry out thorough research before booking your holiday to ensure the hotel or accommodation you will be staying at has good reviews. A popular website such as Tripadvisor and hotel booking sites where customers leave feedback can be very helpful to determine whether the accommodation will be suitable for you.

It may also be worthwhile booking a package holiday as the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations of 2018 may allow you to bring the claim in the UK against your tour operator which can be easier to pursue in the long term. Tourists can also suffer injuries during excursions. An increasing number holiday makers are seeking out more adventurous activities whilst on holiday and with this the risk of injury unsurprisingly increases.

It is important to pay attention to instructions provided during any training or briefing exercises to ensure safety instructions are complied with. When travelling abroad, you may decide to hire a car. The roads in another country and rules governing driving in another country can be very different. People can have difficulties adjusting to driving on the opposite side in comparison to their normal domestic driving. This can inevitably increase the risk of an accident. It is therefore important to remain vigilant and cautious when driving abroad to prevent an accident. It is also helpful to carry out research before travelling to your holiday destination to ensure you have good knowledge of the driving laws and regulations.

What to do if you have an accident whilst on holiday abroad?

There will be some occasions where an accident will be outside of your control even if you take absolute care for your own health and safety. This can be very distressing for an individual and can ruin their perfectly planned getaway. However there are laws in place to protect those who are the victim of an incident abroad which occurred as the result of circumstances outside of their control.

If you are involved in an accident abroad, then it is very important to gather evidence and to report your accident to the correct party, such as the police, hotel management, your package organiser’s representative in the resort or the tour operators head office in the UK.

  • Witness Evidence: If there are any witnesses such as other guests at the hotel, politely ask for their names, contact details (phone and email) and addresses as they may be prepared to provide a statement to support your case.
    You should also write down your account or version of what happened while it is fresh in your mind as over time memory can fade.
  • Photographs: You should take photographs of what caused your accident and of your injuries. Try to take photos showing measurements of any defects. It is also useful to take photos from different angles.
  • Medical records: It is important to keep a copy of your medical treatment records and keep receipts for any medical expenses for treatment.
  • Car accidents: You must obtain details of the registration numbers of all of the vehicles involved as well as details of all drivers and their contact details to include their full name, address, telephone number and email address. It is important to note the name of the road where the accident happened as well as the date and time. It could be helpful to take photographs of the vehicles and location of the accident and injuries. The information should be noted down and stored in a safe place to ensure vital information is not lost. You should also notify your insurance company as soon as possible and provide them with details you have obtained. If the police attend the scene of the accident, take note of the police officers details and reference number and contact details.

If you have suffered an injury while on holiday or a business trip abroad due to somebody’s else negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. For a free consultation with our specialist Personal Injury solicitor please call us today 0808 271 9413.