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Staying and working at home – always be aware of common accidents

Working, schooling and looking after each other from home during this time will be challenging for us all! Accidents can and do occur in the home. RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) regularly reports annual deaths in the thousands and over 2 million visits to accident and emergency departments from people seeking help.

Some of the most likely accidents involve:-

  1. Electrical faults/shock with fairy lights;
  2. Fires in the home;
  3. Slips on ice
  4. Burn injuries whilst cooking
  5. Accidents on the road
  6. Food poisoning

How to prevent an accident indoors

  • Check that any additional lighting such as fairy lights are in working order and ensure that any lights are switched off and unplugged when you go to sleep or leave our home to prevent a fire.
  • Ensure that outdoor lights are placed up securely and seek help if you are unsure to prevent a fire.
  • Ensure in the kitchen you have oven proof gloves to prevent a burns injury.
  • Follow instructions carefully when cooking meats and allow extra time because ovens that are overloaded with food will require more time to cook food thoroughly. This can prevent food poisoning.
  • If you use candles within the home, ensure these are put out before you leave the home or go to sleep
  • When it comes to deliveries for your children and others in the household, ensure that packaging is safely disposed of to avoid any potential hazards such as choking.

How to prevent outdoor accidents

In January and February conditions can be icy and it is essential that you take extra care when walking and wear sensible footwear. Accidents on the road can also be common. This can result in more vehicles on the road. On your driveway try to clear any snow or ice to prevent any slips for yourself or any visitors.

Enjoy the great indoors and outdoors but remember to be aware that accidents can happen!

If you’ve been involved in an accident that was not your fault and would like more information about making a claim, contact our helpful and experienced Personal Injury team on 0808 271 9413 for further guidance.