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National Road Victim Month: 1st – 31st August 2023

National Road Victim Month is held annually in August and organised by the charity RoadPeace to remember people that have been killed or injured on our roads.

RoadPeace designated August as National Road Victim Month in order to remember the lives of both Princess Diana on 31st August 1997 and Bridget Driscoll, who was the first person to be killed by a motor vehicle in August 1896.

RoadPeace also helps victims and bereaved families by providing emotional support. They run a helpline, which offers advice, support and practical guidance including information on the post-crash process such as police investigations and legal cases.

If you would like to find out more about RoadPeace, you can do so by visiting their website.

As well as honouring people that have been lost and injured, it is also a great opportunity to raise awareness to make our roads safer. You can do your bit to raise awareness for safer driving by getting involved in the subject at #NationalRoadVictimMonth.

As Personal Injury solicitors, we work with many victims of road traffic collisions and see first-hand the devastating impact and lasting effect that road traffic accidents have on victims and their families.

Annual road casualty statistics are published each year by the UK Government. The provisional results for 2022 estimated that there were 1,695 reported road deaths and 136,002 casualties, 29,795 of which were serious casualties.

Here at Hodge Jones and Allen, we feel passionately that each person who is injured or killed in a road accident, is recognised as more than just a statistic, therefore raising awareness of this through supporting National Road Victim Month is very important. We are committed to supporting those who have been affected by fatal and serious accidents.

If you or any of your family or friends have been involved in an accident on the roads and would like to speak with one of our specialist Personal Injury Solicitors, call us now on 0330 822 3451.

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