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Don’t look back in anger. Where there is life there is hope!

Manchester Arena Bomb survivor, Martin Hibbert tells the world “you can take away my legs but you are not going to take away my life”. Martin is a testament to where there is life there is hope following a catastrophic injury.

On 22 May 2017, whilst attending Ariana Grande’s concert, Martin’s life changed forever when a nail from the detonated bomb lodged in his spine leaving him with a T10 spinal cord injury. He was paralysed from the waist down and was told he would never walk again. Martin was adamant that terrorists were not going to win and he was going to try and get back to a normal life. Martin says, “you either get on with it or you don’t and I have never been one to lie around in self-pity”. With this determination, courage and strength he embarked on the journey of recovery which was to lead him to Ken Ware, a pioneer in NeuroPhysics therapy and to the NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute & Research Centre, in the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

What is NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT)?

NPT is an extremely gentle exercise-based treatment that engages and triggers your body’s natural healing processes through very light and controlled resistance training.

NPT activates the nervous system to stimulate the brain and body to send impulses through other routes to bypass the damaged nerves. It has literally helped thousands of patients ranging from spinal cord injuries and chronic pain sufferers to athletes and those suffering from post-traumatic stress and anxiety states. This therapy is performed with you and not on you. You are in control the whole time.

After beginning the rehabilitation therapy, Martin was astonished to find his toes moving and by the third day, he was able to pull himself into a standing position. By the end of two weeks, he could cycle, cross his legs, kneel on all fours and even begin crawling. Whilst undertaking the treatment Martin said “each day brought a new miracle, from sitting up unaided and perfectly balanced to actually being able to bend and lift my legs…I’ve got this big smile on my face and I keep having to ask myself “is this real or a dream?” Martin now aims to walk unaided again.

NPT is a pioneering treatment and offers fresh hope to those unfortunate enough to have suffered a spinal cord injury. Statistics from the Spinal Injuries Association shows every 8 hours someone is paralysed by a spinal cord injury. It is, therefore, encouraging to see how far science, technology and pioneers like Ken Ware can in the words of Martin Hibbert make “you feel free and strong. Like a rock that nothing can break”. Where there is life there is hope. The only question is how far can you go?