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A Guide To Bromley Magistrates’ Court

Bromley Magistrates’ Court deals with a range of criminal cases. Most of the cases originate from Bromley, Lewisham, Bexley Heath and other South East London police stations. Summary offences are heard in Bromley Magistrates’ Court and some either-way offence will also be heard at the Magistrates’ Court. If the sentence is likely to be over 6 months then the case will be heard in the Crown Court.

How do I know when to attend Bromley Magistrates’ Court?

If you were charged at a police station following an arrest and interview, you will receive a charge sheet whilst you are at the police station. The charge sheet will set out which Magistrates’ court you need to attend and on what date and time. You will either be released on bail or held in custody until the date of your court appearance.

When should I arrive at Bromley Magistrates’ Court?

We advise that you arrive at Bromley Magistrates’ Court at least 45 minutes before the time given on your postal requisition, summons or charge sheet.

Upon arrival at the court, you will need to go through security. There is often a queue to get through security so it is important to allow plenty of time.

You will also need to check exactly where you need to go, as there are a number of different courtrooms within Bromley Magistrates’ Court. If you do not have legal representation, you will need to check the listings which are displayed in the court waiting area. This will tell you the court room that your case will be heard in. There are court staff on site who can assist you with this.

If you are represented by Hodge Jones & Allen, we will call you the day before your hearing to inform you of the court number. We will also agree to meet you before the hearing to discuss your case.

What happens if I do not attend Bromley Magistrates’ Court?

It is extremely important that you attend every court appearance, unless you are specifically told by us, the police or a member of court staff that you do not need to attend. If you do not attend court at the required date and time, without a reasonable excuse, a warrant can be issued for your arrest. This means that the police can arrest you, bring you to court and hold you in the cells until your case is dealt with.

Failing to attend court is a separate offence for which you can be prosecuted. If you were convicted of failing to attend court without a reasonable excuse you may receive a fine, a sentence of imprisonment or both.

If you have a reasonable excuse for not attending court, such as you are too sick to attend, you must notify your solicitors or the court as soon as possible. Please note that you will be asked to provide medical evidence of your illness.

How do I get to Bromley Magistrates’ Court?

Bromley Magistrates’ Court is located at 1 London Road, Bromley, BR1 1RA.

Bromley South train station (Southeastern Rail) is a 10 minute walk from the court and Bromley North train station (Southeastern Rail) is also a 10 minute walk from the court.

It should be noted that there is no parking at Bromley Magistrates’ Court but there is a number of multi-storey private car parks nearby.

There are a number of bus stops located just outside the court. Bus routes 208, 320, N199, 227, 358 and 354.

Contacting Bromley Magistrates’ Court

The court is open from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. The court counter is open Monday to Friday 9am to 11am and 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

Phone Numbers:
Enquiries: 03308 084 407
0300 303 0645
Payments: 0300 123 9252 (fine queries)
0300 790 9901 (to pay a fine)
Witness Service: 0300 332 1139

Email addresses:
Witness service:
Citizens advice:

Building facilities at Bromley Magistrates’ Court

The court has disabled access and toilet facilities, in addition, parking and reasonable adjustments can be arranged by contacting the court in advance. Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the court building. It is also possible to request a hidden disabilities lanyard if needed.

There is limited refreshments available in the court building however, close by you will find supermarkets, coffee shops and other places to purchase refreshments.

Finally, the court has video conferencing facilities and prison to court video link facilities should these be required. These must be arranged prior to the hearing.

Representation at Bromley Magistrates’ Court

Solicitors in the Hodge Jones & Allen criminal defence team regularly represent clients at Bromley Magistrates’ Court.

If you have received a postal requisition, please contact our new enquiries team and we can provide advice and represent you at your hearing (subject to capacity).

Our crime solicitors also attend police stations served by Bromley Magistrates’ Court, so we are able to represent you at both your police station interview and subsequent hearings.

For assistance regarding an upcoming hearing, please call 0330 822 3451 to speak to a member of the enquiries team, or submit an online form.

For police emergencies, please call the Criminal Defence Helpline on 0808 274 8226. Our emergency helpline is available 24 hours a day.

The co-author of this blog is Finlay Cross, a Legal clerk in our Crime Team.

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