HJA Innovations in Law

The HJA Innovation in Law initiative, established in November 2014, aims to stimulate debate with an ongoing annual programme of surveys, reports and events.

Led by Patrick Allen, Senior Partner – Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors believes innovation is needed within legal practices and the judicial process. We urge Government to listen too. Improving outcomes for clients and ensuring access to justice for all is what we’re about.

We always put our clients’ interests first and fight for what is right. We are inspired and motivated by comments and feedback from both our clients and the wider public.

Our regular surveys help us to keep ‘in touch’ and take action to improve our own internal processes and, more widely, to campaign and speak out again reforms which may jeopardise our civil justice system.

We passionately believe that everyone who is subject to the law should have access to the law.

Established in 1977, Patrick’s intention was to build a law practice that served every corner of society. 40 years on and the firm has successfully supported thousands of individuals who have found themselves in difficulties and in need of a legal system to help them fight back against injustice.

“We will keep on raising public and political awareness of the current parlous state of justice in this country and seek to influence future policy. Without it, it is not too high-flown to say the very fabric of society is at risk.”

Patrick Allen. Innovations in Law Report 2014

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