Act for the Act

Hodge Jones & Allen actively supports the Act for the Act campaign highlighting the importance of protecting our human rights. Launched via social media, the campaign is telling the personal stories of how the Act has helped them.

There are considerable constitutional and legal arguments about why we need to keep the Act, the scrapping of which could ultimately weaken human rights protection across the whole of Europe, damage the UK’s reputation on the world stage, fracture relationships with the European Union and cause rifts between home nations. Whilst the fallout from this would affect us all, it is the impact on individuals in their daily lives that Act for the Act wants to highlight. Demonstrating the importance of these rights to us all is vital in the fight to save the Human Rights Act.

Our civil liberties lawyers which include specialists Jocelyn Cockburn and Susie Labinjoh work every day with people who have had their human rights breached, or those of their loved ones. They may have been mistreated by police or other state bodies, have seen relatives die whilst in the custody of the state or been subject to miscarriages of justice. Others are victims of serious crimes, such as rape, or are the family members of murder victims. They have seen the police fail in their duty to protect them or to investigate the crimes perpetrated against them.

In many cases the Act gives these individuals their only means of redress, leads to police and other public bodies being held accountable – and knowing they will be, and drives institutional change. Taking away these rights, or limiting them to those we deem ‘deserving’ enough, flies in the face of the principles enshrined by the European Convention. We believe that the Human Rights Act is central to upholding British values, working towards equality in our increasingly unequal society and to ensuring the most vulnerable are protected and are given a voice.

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