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New SFO chief will need to know what fights to pick

John Hartley, criminal defence partner at Hodge Jones & Allen solicitors, says:

The main challenge for Lisa Osofsky as the SFO’s new chief will be in guiding the agency to know what fights to pick. Like an over-excited child in a sweet shop the SFO has historically scrambled for the biggest prize they can see. Yet, after the initial sugar-induced frenzy there then comes the inevitable slump while it considers the same old questions that should have been answered pre-charge, such as: what disclosure? what is our case? who are the suspects and who are co-conspirators?

“The recent Barclays decision only served to show that the agency still does not understand that it needs to get the fundamental case in order pre-charge. Good luck to Ms Osofsky as she attempts to get the house in order.