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HMP – A Survival Guide now available to download

In the legal profession we all know that clients (and their innocent loved-ones) expecting a custodial sentence can be at wits-end worrying about the realities of incarceration.

HMP – A Survival Guide is a free booklet by an ex-prisoner that’s designed to help defendants. It’s illustrated by one of the cartoonists from Private Eye, it’s backed by Will Self and it’s received great reviews.

It’s short and very readable, at times it’s funny and others deadly serious.

We at Hodge Jones Allen feel that it’s essential reading for defendants but also for the wider legal fraternity.

250,000 people pass through prison every year. Inmates that have read this booklet will be better informed, more in touch with their loved ones, more likely to request a prison lawyer when faced with adjudication, more equipped for release and reintegration with society and so much beyond that: it has the potential to change a lot of peoples lives for the better.

Please visit for a free PDF download.