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Comment from Hodge Jones & Allen on today's announcement from the Justice Secretary on the Civil Liability Bill

James Bell, partner in the medical negligence department of Hodge Jones Allen, says: “We need to remember that seriously injured people, many with long term care needs, were undercompensated between 2001 – 2017 when the discount rate was set at the insurer friendly figure of 2.5%. The insurers made hay while the sun shone for 16 years. So, it is very disappointing to see the government rush through this legislation after only 1 year of the rate being set at -0.75%.

“This legislation will severely impact the seriously injured. Its beggars belief that the government is priorisiting this legislation over and above the other pressing needs of our society. Claimants who have been seriously injured in accidents should not have to take any risk at all with their finances. The discount rate must be set to meet the needs of seriously injured people, not to boost insurers’ profits. A life changing injury such as brain damage or a spinal injury could happen to any one of us and bribing the motorists with the thought that they will be refunded £35 per year by their car insurer is nonsense.”