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Today we mark 27th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s death

Today, on the 27th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s death, his father Neville Lawrence would like to extend his most heartfelt sympathies to the families who are losing family members and loved ones prematurely to COVID-19.

Mr Lawrence has said:

“My condolences go out to people all over the world who have lost those closest to them due to Coronavirus. On the anniversary of Stephen’s death, which we have had to endure for 27 years, I want to say to those affected that I acknowledge and understand your pain.

“There is no consolation to be had amongst the shock of losing a loved one unexpectedly, whether it be a parent, grandparent, partner, brother, sister, daughter or son. However, I have been overwhelmed and heartened by the love and compassion I have seen people express towards each other, often as total strangers, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I was grateful for the fact that I was brought up in a Christian family and could turn to God in my sorrow. For many, community can provide a comfort during grief. I encourage more people to look around themselves and ask whether they can show care and selflessness towards a person in need. The solace of strangers has been shown to be a balm for many.

“If we can support one another right now, when need is greatest, I hope we can emerge from the pandemic kinder, wiser and, most of all, stronger than before. To those who are grieving, you are not alone.”

Mr Lawrence is represented by his solicitors Hodge Jones & Allen. He respectfully declines interview requests at this time.