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Protecting our clients and acting in their best interests

In the modern climate there can be some scepticism about personal injury lawyers, but there are also some myths about the profession. Very simply lawyers are professionals who are obligated to act in the best interest of their clients and the law protects those that have suffered wrongs in the process of recovery. The law acts to mediate the process of compensating and offering recompense for pain and suffering and financial losses that are incurred as a result of an accident.

The opinion of medical experts will be employed to measure the extent of injuries, and they will defer their opinion to more specialised experts when needed. The role of a legal expert is to facilitate and communicate the implications of a medical opinion on their claim from a legal perspective. It is integral to us that our clients receive a high service level, where claims are efficiently and professionally managed, so that those who can feel vulnerable after an accident are confident in the ability of their lawyer to represent their interests as well as to help them in the process of adjusting. If there are questions relating to liability, police reports, specialist reports and witness statements will be obtained so that evidence can be collated and reviewed so that we can do our best to get a favourable result for the claimant.

Personal injury claim

Throughout the claim process the prospects will be assessed and re-evaluated, acting in the claimants interests to get justice. Once treatment has been arranged and a clear prognosis has been offered for recovery, negotiations will commence with the consent of the client whereby the lawyer negotiates on behalf of the client to make sure that the compensation offered is equitable and representative of the losses which have been incurred.

The process can be complicated and confusing hence the role of the lawyer in guiding claimants through such processes. The claimant’s role is to openly communicate information, which helps to ensure that professional standards can be upheld and the process can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Road traffic accidents

  • I have acted for a Claimant who was stationary at a zebra crossing when the Defendant failed to stop in time and collided with the Claimant’s vehicle. The Claimant sustained neck and back injuries and suffered from situational anxiety. The Defendant admitted liability. Following negotiations with the Defendant insurers the case settled for £17,765.55.
  • I have also acted for a Claimant who was injured as a passenger travelling in a vehicle that lost control and collided with a barrier. The Claimant sustained soft tissue injuries to the spine and lower limb. Liability was admitted by the Defendant insurer however no agreement was reached on damages, therefore the matter proceeded to Court. I attended a Stage 3 hearing at Barnet County Court on behalf of the Claimant where the Defendants offer of £1955.00 was beaten; the District Judge awarded a sum in favour of the Claimant for £3540.49.

No two cases are the same and solicitors will act in the best interests of the individual clients to ensure that the best settlement is reached.