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National Stress Awareness Day 2021

It’s so important to carve out even a little bit of time to re-centre ourselves and “fill our cup”. There are so many different ways of dealing with stress from sports and physical fitness to unwinding with a good book or Netflix marathon.

To cope with stress, my first outlet is always exercise. It can take trial and error to find somewhere or something that really gets you excited to work out, for me it’s a combination of pilates, running and boxing. Pilates and running focuses my mind completely on my body, I don’t need to be anyone to anyone when I’m completely zoned in on myself and boxing is just fun and a great way to let loose. Whilst I do them for fitness, I do them first and foremost for my mental health.

Another way I relieve stress is to write them down so that in a way they are “out of my head” and I can look at them on paper, give them due time to deal with and then move on.

I’m also a huge horror movie fan so unwinding with a horror movie actually helps me cope with stress and in a way takes the edge off my reality. It’s not for everyone though!

We’re all wired differently so this might not be for everyone either, but I like to talk about how I feel and so having a good support system in place is very important.

We all have our worries and daily stresses, so it’s important to be there for each other and be gentle with ourselves.

Ash Menon, Medical Negligence Solicitor
Ash Menon, Solicitor for the Medical Negligence team